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FTM for Check Services

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Image Review Capability to Go Back One Item

User should be able to go back one item during Image Review.
about 3 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Usability 0 Delivered

Correcting Upside Down Images

Image Review provides the ability to rotate an upside down image, but does not maintain the corrected image through the downstream steps. We request the corrected image be maintained so that the image is correct when we send it to the image archive.
about 3 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Performance 1 Delivered

Ability for Control Balancing to have adjustment INSERT AT CREDIT.

In the TCR component when balancing at the control level there is no option to INSERT AT CREDIT when we have credits in the UOW. And since there is no INSERT at CREDIT the accompanying adjustment does not prefill the account number of the credit l...
about 3 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Usability 1 Delivered

Eight More User States for Triggering Custom Events fo a Batch (ICL)

We plan on using the two existing user states User State Field 1 and User State Field 2 for triggering our custom events for a batch (ICL) within FTM. Unfortunately, only two user states are not adequate in order to trigger all of our custom event...
about 3 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Other 1 Delivered

Customizable User State Names on FTM for Check GUI

On FTM GUI (e.g. CPCS Entries screen), we would like to be able to customize the names of the user states (E.G. User State Field 1 and User State Field 2) to something meaningful.
about 3 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Administration & Configuration 1 Delivered

TCR should automatically choose Debit or Credit Adjustment Type is the ADJ CODE can only be a DEBIT or CREDIT

When in TCR you must choose Debit or Credit Transaction type when Inserting an Adjustment. Some Adjustment are DEBIT only or CREDIT only so why does the USER need to select it should be pre-filled with the correct Transaction Type.
about 3 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Usability 0 Delivered

FTM for Check Integration with 3rd Party IQA Engine to Set Image Scores and Suspect Reasons or Error Codes for the Item

We would like FTM for Check to add the ability to set the scores on the images and to attach the image quality suspect reasons to the item based on the image analysis results returned by a 3rd party IQA engine. The full explanation is provided in ...
about 3 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Integration 1 Delivered

TCR - When filtering items the bottom should have the correct item cnt and the total dollar amt of the filtered items.

In TCR there is an option to filter items. When the filter is applied and the results are displayed the total item count and amount of the filter is no displayed at the bottom of the screen.
about 3 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Usability 0 Delivered

Inbound Transmission Hierarchy Screen "Sticky Tab" option to leave on rear until operator chooses otherwise if an operator selects rear image in the details then starts moving from item to item in Transmission Hierarchy

When a TCR operator needs to see validation on the back of the check to find amount error on Inbound Transmission Hierarchy screen: select rear image and start moving from item to item usually for a batch of cashed checks 10 to 30 items in a ro...

TCR should alert the user in the item image window on the right side of the inbound transmission hierarchy screen when they have come to the end of a transaction.

Why is it useful – Visual aid for TCR balancers to know when a transaction ends and a new one beings while their eyes are focused on the right side of the Inbound Transmission Hierarchy screen. Who would benefit from it - TCR balancers How shoul...
almost 3 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Usability 1 Delivered