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Status Is a defect
Created by Guest
Created on May 20, 2021

HNB HOPS ZELLE - Additional ACH files - Payments are Delivered before cutoff (AM/PM) but additional ach files are still being created.

RE: TS005136251

Please see PMR TS005136251 for any required attachments as this has been discussed in detail there. Some of the pertinent notes are mentioned below...


5 Mar 2021 ‎05‎:‎56‎ ‎PM

HNB HOPS ZELLE - Please explain why Additional ACH files are being created-

We would like to know why the ACH file for the $1530 was created when the payments within that file were "Delivered" at 8:​35 AM. Why were those payments not added to the normal large 10AM ACH file?


25 Mar 2021 ‎01‎:‎09‎ ‎PM

2) We had another occurrence last night. Presentment ID: 39852400. See attached screenshots. Payment delivered at

3/24/21 6:10:19.616 PM before the PM cutoff. Additional ACH file was created.


gibbsj (IBM) 2 Apr 2021 ‎09‎:‎13‎ ‎AM

At this point we need to go trough the traces to see what caused the problem and if you hit some type of threshhold. At this point we don't know until we reviewed the traces


Sarah.Wardles (IBM) 5 Apr 2021 ‎12‎:‎29‎ ‎PM

Dev update:

From the latest logs....

A transaction delete command was submitted for a transaction on the large outbound file (ID=5167). In order to delete the transaction, the file is put in 'locked' status. At this time, another batch was coming into distribution to be mapped to that file. Since the file is in 'locked' status, it is unavailable for mapping that batch to it. Therefore, a new outbound file is created for this batch.

[3/31/21 19:21:53:440 UTC] 000001cb PresentmentMD 3 onMessage: Message Driven bean received the following message: transactionDelete with UOW: 84601550

[3/31/21 19:21:53:440 UTC] 000001cb PresentmentMD 3 onMessage: Presentment Message Driven bean received the message type: transactionDelete

[3/31/21 19:21:53:441 UTC] 000001cb UnloadManagem 3 Entry: processDeleteTransaction

[3/31/21 19:21:53:441 UTC] 000001cb UnloadBean[Di 3 Entry: processDeleteTransaction

[3/31/21 19:21:53:462 UTC] 000001cb UnloadBean[Di 3 Entry: unmapPayment

[3/31/21 19:21:53:462 UTC] 000001cb UnloadBean[Di 3 unmapPayment for payment: PAYMENT[PMTID[84601550][0]]

[3/31/21 19:21:53:463 UTC] 000001cb UnloadBean[Di 3 unloadPaymentInfo (Payment->Segment): null

[3/31/21 19:21:53:485 UTC] 000001cb UnloadBean[Di 3 unloadPaymentInfo (Payment->Presentment (Endpoint)): UnloadPaymentInfo[paymentId=84601550 presentmentId=40458241 outPr

esGroupId=5167 outPresId=6493 outSegId=0 outPresStatus=open outSegStatus=null nullFileRequired=true unloaded=false]

[3/31/21 19:21:53:486 UTC] 000001cb UnloadBean[Di 3 unloadPaymentInfo (): UnloadPaymentInfo[paymentId=84601550 presentmentId=40458241 outPresGroupId=5167 outPresId=6493 o

utSegId=0 outPresStatus=open outSegStatus=null nullFileRequired=true unloaded=false]


This is working as designed.


Michael Bain (Customer) 9 Apr 2021 ‎03‎:‎50‎ ‎PM

Is it possible that this can be fixed so that the distribution waits or there is no explicit lock? It is causing an operational nightmare for us.


gibbsj (IBM) 14 Apr 2021 ‎04‎:‎15‎ ‎PM

Please see the developer update from April 5th. This is working as deigned. This would not be a defect. You can request an RFE for this