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Status Not under consideration
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Created on Apr 9, 2019

Pain001V5 to ISF Mapper, request for Core Mapper with support for Post-Body Mapper to harvest ABN-specific Supplementary Data

In response to the requested Pain.001V5 to ISF mapper, please find attached the final specs (see file "FTM_Mapping_PAIN001.001.05 to ISF v0.3_Final for RFE.xlsx")

In short, we would require
1. a Core Mapper based on XSD Pain.001V5,
2. with support for a Post-Body Mapper for the mapping of the Supplementary Data to ISF Addenda. A sample Post-Body Mapper is requested for the below Supplementary Data mappings (see the attachement).

Re 1: Should be unambiguous, as the resp. XSD for Pain.001V5 is leading.

Re 2: This is a new feature, required to map Supplementary Data attributes which were introduced by the Pain.001V5 (ie Pain.001V3 does not cater for these).
Supplementary Data is ABN (channel-) specific, hence why ABN requires a customer-specific solution like a Post-Body Mapper.
This support for Post-Body Mapper must be maintainable and extendible, meaning that in case future channels require additional Pain.001V5 Supplementary Data fields to be mapped in ISF, ABN is capable of adding such new mapping requirements in the Post-Body Mapper themselves easily without requiring changes to the Core Mapper.

N.B. As response to PMR 40620,211,788 it became clear that the Pain.001V5 mapper in the SEPA pack is built with minimal mapping to ISF and does not support all the possible levels of repetition within the message and does not cover the full message content. Therefore we have been advised to raise this RFE.