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Created on Nov 16, 2022

DB2 script to remove a version of an FTM Application from the FTM database

That DB2 script could be useful for many purposes. Main reason here is: customer is trying to implement a zero-downtime deployment solution and the solution they are thinking will deploy a new version of the FTM Application into FTM Database and new Integration Servers with message flows that are linked to this new FTM Application version. They can switch to the new version of the FTM application easily ( switch ON new IS - switch OFF old IS ) and in any case of roll-back to previous version is needed they need just to switch ON old IS and delete new IS. Using this approach, after some time there will be a number of different version of the same FTM Application inside the FTM Database. In order to avoid any kind of problem ( huge list of version, performance ... ), we need to remove from the FTM Database the older version of the FTM Application no more used. Here the DB2 script, as a customer we are asking for, will be needed.

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