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Created on Mar 16, 2022

Storing of enriched/additional information outside of the standard data model

in DNB we have to save a lot of information outside of the out of the box FTM Data Model. The main strategies available out of the box are:

- use object values/id references --> this leads to a quick proliferation in key value objects which impact readability/maintainability and performance if overused.

- us the extension table format --> maintaining these extension table increases the amount of table joins necessary and they are complex to create and maintain. Changes over time lead to repeated scripts which add on to the previous one. In FTM CPP we are already at 55 scripts to be run to deploy the extension tables of the solution

- store in ISF which is expensive to retrieve/parse and store

DNB would like to ask for a better way to manage this information. One solution that could be available is DB2 purexml. It would provide the ability to use documents with relative ease of access without having to parse entire documents ( as per ISF ). For example and additional column type to the object values could be purexml.

Whatever is choosen it should be visible through the UI but still remain flexible and easy/quick to access.

IBM consultant Criostoir Hyde has been working on some ideas. This case is to be regarded as a feature request by DNB to support Criostoirs suggestions.

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