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FTM for SWIFT Services

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A utility to import MX messages into FTM is wanted.

Idea created : 02 FEB 2022. Today it is possible to : Import FIN messages from an input file or data set and create, for each FIN message, a corresponding IBM Financial Transaction Manager for SWIFT Services message in a target queue. (see l...
6 months ago in FTM for SWIFT Services / Developer Tools 0 Delivered

MIGTPL tool in "-reherse" mode should not require UPDATE grants

MER template migration tool MIGTPL in "-reherse" mode should not require UPDATE grants. According to response from case TS006904127: "The tool was not written in the way to distinguish between rehearse and not rehearse mode in regard to the reques...
11 months ago in FTM for SWIFT Services / Usability 0 Delivered

In MER add the possibility to search / filter the templates, saved in a queue, by field: "Description"

The user should be able to search the messages in a MER queue, by applying a filter on the column: description. This is useful if a user created a lot of templates and he inserted a particular description for every one.
about 1 year ago in FTM for SWIFT Services / Usability 0 Delivered

Automatic generation of field CreDtTm:Creation Date Time in MX MSGs during sending of MSG from MER

Manual entry of MX MSGs (T2 and CBPR+) has mandatory field CreDtTm:Creation Date Time We woud like this field filled automatically with a system date and time at the end of MSG processing in MER Facility that is when the MSGs is put in a MQ queue ...

MWH index for UETR of InterAct ISO20022 messages

Hi, following the recent delivery in FTM for SWIFT Services 3.2.4 of an UETR MWH-index for FIN messages, the upcoming go-live in Nov 2022 of CBPR+ and HVPS+ with ISO 20022 / InterAct messages including UETR tags in several message types would make...
over 1 year ago in FTM for SWIFT Services / Integration 0 Delivered

To show/display Event log timestamp in CLI in Local time

To change Event log from UTC to local time. FTM (UAT region) Event for SWIFT Login-Select (performed this morning at around MYT 9:20-9:30am) DNFF4009I 3/8/21 2:32:07 AM PBOU1 DNF_FSM LT 'PBBEMYK0A': SFD ended. DNFF4207I 3/8/21 2:32:06 AM PBOU1 DNF...
over 1 year ago in FTM for SWIFT Services / Administration & Configuration 0 Delivered

Support longer passwords for standalone utilities using DB2

The standalone DB2 utilities of FTM SWIFT should allow using a password longer than 8 characters. This is required to use moden authentication means as pass phrases or pin/token. On z/OS, this implies support of JDBC type 4 connections. Relevant u...
over 1 year ago in FTM for SWIFT Services / Integration 0 Delivered

FTM for SWIFT - Amount field with ',' formatting on the MER screen

PBB would like the following requirement implemented... Problem Description: By default MER Screen expecting to enter a ',' as a separator in the amount field. Is there any setting in FTM to change to amount format to include '.' instead of ',' e....

Please document how to implement SWIFT security recommendations in WBIFN.

Requirement from my customer for information on how to implement SWIFT security recommendations in WBIFN. As a result of the recent security incident at another SWIFT customer institution, my customer is asking for documentation on how SWIFT recom...
over 3 years ago in FTM for SWIFT Services / Documentation 0 Delivered

Block 3 field 121 (FIN MT199 and FIN MT103) in lower case despite DABADKKK DnqEROUOptions EditorAllFieldsUppercase FIN

Referring PMR 19041,010,678Also see item #36 in the attached doc. In order to comply with the SWIFT specifications and recommendations for the unique transaction reference (UETR - field 121 in GPI messages MT 103 and MT 199) we urgently need a pos...
over 3 years ago in FTM for SWIFT Services / Mapping & Translation 0 Delivered