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New UI - allow dependencies for relationship sections

In the new UI we'd like the ability to set relationship section dependencies like we can set field dependencies. This is so we can remove the ability to associate to incorrect parent objects if particular values are selected in controlling fields.
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 1 Delivered

"When" condition on workflow validation

Today, an Operation in the workflow allows for "when" conditions to be configured, however this same functionality does not exist on the Validation. This is extremely limiting, as we are not able to set up validations to check that required fields...
over 2 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Administration UI 3 Delivered

FTM support of IIB 10.0.0.x

System: FTM BaseActor: User needs support of IIB version 10.0.0.x Corporate engineering team requires that in 2018, our application upgrades from IIB 9.0 to 10.0.0.x
over 3 years ago in FTM Base / Installation & Upgrade 1 Delivered

Need ability to copy view in one profile to another profile with object

Having multiple Profiles would be very useful to our users but if we make an update to a view in one profile, we need to replicate those changes in other Profiles with the same view. It would be a huge time saver to be able to copy a view from one...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Administration 0 Delivered

Expanding Business Entity Selector functionality to more objects

The new Business Entity Selector display type is a fantastic new feature that we definitely have several use cases for. It would be really great if this functionality was expanded so we could select other objects in the same way. Ideally that woul...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 0 Delivered

Accessibility - Standard Fonts

Our customer's works council has raised concerns about the accessibility of the OpenPages GRC Platform. The ergonomics & usability report shows that standard font sizes are too small and italic fonts must not be used.
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 0 Delivered

Ability to turn off Lifecycle Actions Dropdown on Questionnaire Assessment Detail Page (or other objects)

Currently there is no way to turn off the Lifecycle Actions Dropdown on the detail page/activity view. This is problematic when using the Questionnaire as want to ensure users are using the questionnaire UI to submit the item not the detail page. ...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 0 Delivered

Questionnaire - Delete comments

It is currently impossible to delete comments in the Questionnaire App (IBM OpenPages GRC Platform v7.3.0: User Guide, page 92).Please allow for the assignees to delete their own comments before they submit the questionnaire.
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 1 Delivered

Questionnaire - Ability to Show Information about the Object the user is certifying to

In the cases where the questionnaire is setup for the information to be answering/certifying based on an object in OpenPages there is no information about that object shown on the questionnaire form.Therefore the user has no context when answering...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Delivered

Add the ability to customize and format Questionnaire automated emails

In v7.2 there is no easy way to format the automated email that gets sent out when a Questionnaire Assessment gets launched or submitted. We'd like the ability to format this email so it's a lot more user friendly.
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 1 Delivered