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OpenPages Ideas

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OpenPages API Enhancement Requests

Here are a few enhancement requests and gaps in v7 API: 1. Method to know if an association already exists between two objects. Currently we are trying to associate two objects and if the association already exists, we are catching the Exception. ...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Integration & Risk API 1 Future consideration

Ristrict REST API by user ID and Role

Want to integrate other reporting tool (such as Tableau) using REST with OpenPages. Only specific ID should be allowed to query / update or it introduce major operation risk if too many requests come in querying/updating data within openpages
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Integration & Risk API 0 Future consideration

Questionnaire - Ability to turn off comment on the Submit Screen

A user can enter comments per question but there is also an ability to provide a comment when submitting the questionnaire. This is confusing whilst in the information gathering stage as a user may have entered comments per question.Would like to ...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 0 Future consideration

Validate Active/Inactive User status during FastMap Upload

While using OpenPages we have found that OpenPages allows to successfully upload FastMap files to update existing objects in the system even for objects where Inactive users have been assigned various roles on the objects. Business user...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 0 Future consideration

Add parameter to the OPRestore command to perform the restore without including the Database

Case TS000882074By policy , the OPBackup command is executed once a month, the app-nodb parameter is used so that the database is not included in the backup because it already has its own backup policy.This same process can not be performed for th...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Other 0 Future consideration

API, trigger PRE, retrieve database value of updated field instead of current value, for QuestionnaireAssessment's answer

It was treated by Case TS001240226. For new QuestionnaireAssessment's answers object, inside trigger, position PRE, the API getValue() from IField interface (at running time its implementations) should retrieve current value, from database, if not...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Integration & Risk API 0 Future consideration

Implement more aggregate function in GRC API Query Service

Based on Case TS001574521, the only aggregate function that was implemented in GRC API Query Service is COUNT, as that was a requirement for a ITG solution. Other functions like Min, Max, Avg, Sum etc.are currently not implemented. If other aggreg...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Integration & Risk API 0 Future consideration

Adding Existing Sections to the New QuestionnaireTemplate

Our requirement is to do reusability of Section, SubSections and Question templates from the existing Questionnaire templates in the QuestionnaireLibrary. Consider, I have an Questionnaire template which has 2 sections namely "A" and "B". Similarl...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Future consideration

Hard delete not sufficiently delivered

RFE 115122 (Hard delete) is marked as delivered, however what has been delivered only gives us the access to the data, but not expertise on the database, which IBM have always advised us to avoid making changes on it. It does not give us the capab...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / Administration 0 Future consideration

GRC Rich Text Editor Mutiple Issues

Description 1) On Policy Editor window when user maximize window using Rich Text Editor menu option and use X (close the window) - The editor window closes and put user on the policy detail view instead of back to the editor window. All the text e...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 1 Future consideration