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End User UI

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TFUI - Date Picker Popup should have 'today' as an option as per Standard UI

Users currently use date pickers and use the 'Today' option to quickly set the date field where today is appropriate.
over 2 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 1 Not under consideration

Recent values display

Some objects lend themselves to seeing ‘recent values' e.g. Evals, KPIV, KRIV etc. Yet there is no option in the new UI to show ‘last value' or ‘last x values'. For KRIs/KPIs this trend may be critical info (in table or chart)
about 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 1 Future consideration

New UI Grid View Missing Horizontal Scroll bar

In New UI on Grid View if multiple column present user has to scroll down at end of the page to use horizontal scroll bar and while scrolling horizontally the header or column headings are goes out of view. - Add additional horizontal scroll b...
over 3 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Future consideration

Provide a rich text object similar to Inline Guideance for displaying rich text in the standard format not highlighted in a blue box

It would be useful to have a text object that could be added to the view in a similar manner to the inline guidance object, but it displays the text in the standard way (black on grey background) so that you can add meaningful text to display to t...
about 2 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Under review

IBM OpenPages Landing Page - User Name & Greeting

There should be a mechanism to enable Greetings on the landing page. Users Expect system to show a message like "Hi! John" John being the username or first name here. Customer also expects their Brand Logo at the homepage landing page. Please do c...
3 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 4 Not under consideration

Inactive Users identified via the TFUI

It would be useful to have an easy way to identify inactive users via the TFUI. We have an internal policy where accounts are de-activated after 90 days inactivity. These accounts could be Risk Owners, Control Owners etc. Having a mechanism whereb...
4 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Future consideration

Hide the criticality and the due date field for Workflows

The criticality and the due date fields are not always used by the customer. There is no way to hide these fields because when they appear on the UI they confuse the end user. And this confusion actually hurts the zero training UI stance of OpenPa...
4 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 3 Not under consideration

Task View - Expand/Collapse Slider

In the Task Views, it would be great to have another slider (similar to Reveal editable fields) that could expand/collapse all sections. If a user selects "Expand All," then all sections expand. If the user selects "Collapse All," all sections col...
7 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Future consideration

Access Rights on Move Option

We have faced performance issues with big customers who used to use Move Options (Folder View) for business change purposes. OpenPages has a way to limit this right but is Binary (everything or nothing), anyway customer has multiple scenarios for ...
over 1 year ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 3 Future consideration

Set Display Selected... by default on the Associate dialog box

Now, on the task-focused UI, users have to click on the icon (with 3 dots) to display all associations (via the Display Selected... option).
about 2 years ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Future consideration