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OpenPages Ideas

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Ability to add multiple Calendars/ Public Holidays on OpenPages

This would be useful as the bank operates in multiple countries, each with their own set of public holidays/bank holidays/religious holidays. This would assist in ensuring that time periods for specific tasks/ reminders are appropriate per country.
7 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / Administration 2 Not under consideration

New “Line Spacing” Option in Rich Text Fields

Add a new option to modify the line spacing in the text of rich text fields.
7 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 3 Future consideration

Selected reporting period should be more prominent

In the standard UI the reporting period dropdown was visible while looking at data. In the TF UI this is now hidden and it is easy for users to get confused about whether they are in a previous reporting period or not. Suggestion is to move this t...
7 months ago in OpenPages Ideas 2 Future consideration

Switch integrated natural Language Classifier by user locale

Hi team,We are implementing demo environment in English and Japanese.To support both English and Japanese, we have to post the same sentence to English and Japanese classifier model.It would be great if we could switch calling model by locale.We w...
7 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Future consideration

Switch integrated Watson Assistant by user locale

Hi team,We are investigating to provide chatbot in multi language.According to the following manual, Watson Assistant recommends users to switch assistant by language., ...
8 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / Integration & Risk API 2 Future consideration

Add record count on the tabbed group grids

It would be great if the user could see a count against every grid in a tab group so they can easily identify which ones have data. This would prevent them from wasting time clicking on each grid one by one.
8 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Future consideration

Disable auto scroller functionality to top of the page on toggling between tabs

On clicking on information such as related objects, eg: risks in risk registers, and then navigate back to the Risk Register tab, the screen always returns to the top of the page instead of returning you to the section that you were previously in....
8 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Future consideration

Workflow bulk termination and restart enhancements

In developing GRC workflows, it's apparent that if we publish a workflow version and users begin to use it, and then we publish a newer version of the workflow later on, the users are expecting to see the newer version reflected in their existing ...
8 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 2 Future consideration

Update fields after copying objects

Often times when copying objects there are fields that have to be reset. One example would be updating the status field after copying an object. Another use case would be to update fields after copying templates from the library.
8 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / Administration UI 5 Functionality already exists

Ability for admin to delete fields from the UI

Fields are often created in error or are no longer in use but they can never be deleted from OpenPages. This causes a lot of confusion in the administation screens. Admins should be able to at least hide these fields from their views
8 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / Administration UI 2 Future consideration